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  • Architecture

    Modern and effective architectural design within a cultural context. We design effective and efficient schemes which are sustainable, low in embodied energy, and still provide delight for the user.


We are committed to designing schemes which minimize environmental impact and optimize energy efficiency. We believe that architects have an urgent duty to mitigate the effects of climate change by designing buildings which work harder and perform better. We will approach each scheme as an opportunity to reduce energy consumption and maximize life in use, and develop energy strategies for each project which are entirely adapted to the building and its context. For us, however, sustainability in architecture is not a ‘bolt-on’ remedy and cannot be achieved by incorporating a few obvious elements like wind turbines or solar panels.

We build strong professional partnerships, giving access to our extensive project and design knowledge. We can work with you in different ways, depending on your needs.

Our service provides buildings that are rooted in their context, have a contemporary design, high performance and are tailored to the needs of users, residents and the wider community.


Astra Safety Loughborough University

Approach Meetings Contemporary Enduring Conservation Innovation


Astra Biochem Loughborough University

Feasibility and planning studies, Conservation studies and plans.


Halifax High School

Sustainable architecture services, Low energy refurbishments.

YOUR HOUSE, Your Architect

Your House, Your Architecture